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WordPress Website Design & Development

 There is more to a successfull website design project than just throwing up some text and pictures. A lot more.

I have a 7 stage process that I take every project through. Read through the stages below to see just how thorough I will be with your WordPress Website Design Project.

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 1 – Discovery

We’ll usually start with a brief meeting or phone call to get to know a little about your website project. Then it will be time to get down to some of the details. When you are ready follow the link at the bottom of this page to answer a brief Website Project Discovery Questionnaire. Your answers here will help provide me with the information I need to start the design and development process.

When you submit the Website Project Discovery Questionnaire online the results will come straight to my inbox. I will review your answers, do some research and make sure I have a fairly solid grasp of the project and what you expect to receive from me. During this time I might reach out to you with additional questions for further clarification.

Once I am confident that I know where we’re headed I will prepare and send to you a statement of work. This is not a contract. We’ll get to that later. The Statement of Work will outline the scope of the project, detailing what you can expect of me, what I will be expecting of you and an estimate of cost.

Once you sign off on the Statement of Work we’ll move on to Stage 2!

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 2 – Kick Off

Stage 2 is a fairly short stage but a very important one all the same. Once you sign off on the Statement of Work presented at the end of Stage 1 we’ll kick off Stage 2.

This stage begins with a formal contract and a 50% deposit. On my end I’ll begin some initial site design planning.

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 3 – Development

Here’s where I roll up my sleeves and dig in. I’ll be setting up a staging site, beginning the design and uploading content that you or someone from your team provides. I’ll design the home page and one inside page and submit those to you for review. We’ll work together to tweak these pages (usually through 3-5 revision cycles) until you are a happy camper.

(Just a side note here: This review and tweak process is for design only and is not for scope changes. Any requests for new functionality or features beyond the original Statement of Work will be handled as a Change Order and priced according to the request. I’m sure you understand. Whew, now that that’s out of the way, back to work!)

Once the design and review process is over I’ll finish building and populate the pages and functionality. Keep in mind that any content you or your team needs to provide will need to find its way to me on a timely basis to keep the project moving.


Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 4 – Quality Assurance

I won’t bore you with the details but I have a huge check list of behind the scenes things to take care of to make sure your site is up to snuff. I’ll be working the SEO, testing the site responsiveness and performance and things like that. I’ll be tweaking and testing and tweaking and testing some more. Once the site is ready to launch I’ll ask you to take one last look at the staging site. If all looks good I’ll invoice you for the balance of the project.

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 5 – Launch

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Once the balance has been paid I’ll migrate the staging site to the live platform, check everything out and let you know to take a look.

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 6 – Close

I’ll ask you to take the next 10 business days to look the site over and see if there is anything that needs attention. Once the 10 days are past we’ll consider the project closed. But don’t worry. I won’t throw away the key!

Take the Lead with a New Website.

Stage 7 – Debriefing

You’d think after we closed the project we’d be done wouldn’t you? But there’s one last stage and this one is mostly for me. I hope you’ll indulge me!

I’ll follow up with you for feedback and maybe even a testimonial if you wouldn’t mind. It is my hope that our working relationship won’t end just because the new site has launched. I’ll be here for new projects should they come up.

I also hope that I will have delivered on my promise to turn you into a raving fan and as such that you will refer me to anyone you know who might just need a new website design.

Thanks again for this opportunity! If you are ready, then go ahead and click the link below to get started on the Website Project Discovery Questionnaire and Stage 1 will be underway!